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March 22, 2021

 Sweating is something we’re all accustomed to, as it’s a natural reaction our body has to physical activity or a demanding, hot environment. While it’s common for everyone to sweat, some of us experience it to a more extreme degree – to the point where it can become an issue for self-image and hygiene. But why do some people sweat more than others and is it attributed to something they can control? 

Here, miraDry discuss why some people sweat more than others:

  • Your body size – Sweat is generally produced when our body heats up, be that in a warm or hot environment or after performing a physically-demanding activity. Those who are larger are prone to sweat more simply because their larger body mass demands more to cool it – which is what sweat is used for.
  • Your fitness levelThose who have a lower fitness level will often find themselves drenched in sweat after an intense work out due to the physical demands it has taken on a body that’s not used to that sort of intensity. Those who work out often will find that, as they get more and more fit, their body will need less perspiration to cool and so will sweat less in general.
  • Anxiety and stress – Sweat isn’t just produced when the physical conditions of the body that requires it, it can also make an appearance due to strained mental health as well. Those who suffer from intense anxiety and stress experience hormone fluctuations, which is often linked to an increase in internal body temperature – therefore producing sweat as a result.
  • AgeSweat glands, like with many things in the body, will change as you get older. This means that the older you get the less tolerant you are to heat and the more you’ll sweat in order to cool yourself down.

If you experience excessive sweating, find out more about miraDry’s treatment on their website.


miraDry is a unique and innovative treatment that uses thermal energy to target and eliminates the sweat glands in your underarm. The only FDA-cleared treatment of its kinds, miraDry can dramatically reduce underarm sweat in as little as one appointment. Although you’re born with approximately 2-4 million sweat glands throughout your body, only 2% of those glands are on your underarm. This means after the treatment you’ll experience the many benefits of dry underarms while continuing to perspire normally elsewhere.

One in ten people suffer from excessive sweat and/or hyperhidrosis, but miraDry offers a permanent solution that many have been left happy with.

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