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Previous questions

Patient Cxxxxxxx: 08/09/20 10:37 PM
Does Miradry work in the groin area ? I have previously been advised by dermatologists to try iontophoresis and tropical glycopyrrolate wipes for axillery hyperhidrosis with varying results but have not found a successful treatment for the groin area.

Dr Amir Sra Answers:
Hello, please send a text.

Patient Txxxxxxx: 07/12/20 3:53 PM
What are the payment options?
Can I pay in instalments?

Dr Amir Sra Answers:
Yes we can offer finance subject to status of upto 3 years with monthly payments as low as £40

Patient Sxxxxx: 07/08/20 10:48 PM
Hello I am from Denmark and I suffer from Hyperhidrosis in my hands and feets. Can this treatment help me?

Dr Amir Sra Answers:
Hello, please send a text.
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